Subway Goes Global with Tastes from Around the World

SUBWAY® reabre sus puertas con un nuevo concepto 24 horas.

To celebrate National Sandwich Day on Saturday, November 3, the Subway sub sandwich and salad chain announced that it has opened its 38,000th location. This gives the brand a presence in 100 countries, providing approximately 380,000 jobs to Sandwich Artists around the world.

Serving more than 2.6 billion sandwiches a year, and with more than 37 million possible sandwich combinations, the chain also proudly adapts its menu and the ingredients used to create sandwiches that honor many of the local food traditions around the world.

"The Subway core menu is predominantly the same no matter where you are. And you can get that great-tasting Sweet Onion Teriyaki or the iconic BMT regardless if your sandwich was made in Boston, Berlin, Brisbane, or Beirut," says Chris Martone, Subway executive chef. "However, many people don't realize that we offer a lot of interesting and flavorful menu options to appeal to local tastes, customs, and religious preferences of people around the world."

The largest restaurant chain in the world, in terms of number of locations, started as one small sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was opened by then 17-year-old Fred DeLuca with a $1,000 loan from family friend Dr. Peter Buck.

That partnership revolutionized the restaurant and franchising industries and gave thousands of entrepreneurs the opportunity to own, operate, and succeed in their own business.

With customization being a cornerstone of the Subway experience, customers can watch and direct the construction of their sandwich from bread to condiments, with their choice of a wide selection of fresh meats, cheeses, and produce.

McDonalds`s perde o trono. Saiba porquê

SUBWAY® reabre sus puertas con un nuevo concepto 24 horas.

Se pensa que há McDonald`s em cada esquina, a verdade é que há ainda mais Subway. Esta cadeia americana de sanduíches tem actualmente mais restaurantes à escalada global do que a famosa casa de hambúrgueres.

Já em 2002, a Subway tinha ultrapassado a McDonald's em número de restaurantes nos EUA. Agora foi a vez de a destronar em termos mundiais.

Na prática, a Subway possuía 33.749 restaurantes em todo o mundo no final do ano passado, ao passo que a McDonald's tinha 32.737, indicam os relatórios das empresas, citados pela Lusa.